Jacob and Arnold Pander are graphic novelists and filmmakers who write and direct feature films, commercial spots and music videos. Their award winning films have played in festivals around the globe and their music videos have been featured on MTV.

The Pander Brothers original graphic novels have been published by Image, Vertigo, Dark Horse Comics and Oni Press and franchise projects for Marvel and DC Comics, including Batman and Nightmask. The Panders visual storytelling has been nominated for the Eisner and Manning awards for groundbreaking artwork in the comics medium. in 2015, the brothers launched their digital Comics imprint FUSE Comics available on Comixology and their new production company for commercial and creative branding, Collaborator Studios.

Nominated for the Eisner and Manning awards for groundbreaking artwork in the comics medium, the Pander Brothers distinct visual style and unique collaborations with some of the industries’ top writers has solidified them as a major creative force in the graphic novel medium. Their print portfolio includes the titles Batman: City of Light and Batman: Apocalypse Girl—as well as 63 other comics and three graphic novels for such major publishers as Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics.

Called “a power duo of creativity” by SOMA Magazine, their award-winning debut feature film, “Selfless,” was hosted by ComicCon in San Diego.  Among other honors, selections of their collaborative and individual film and video work have been featured on MTV, screened at the prestigious London Institute for Contemporary Art, taken top prizes at the New York and Chicago Underground Film Festivals, and toured Europe and Japan.

The brothers also produce commercial projects for agencies and brands. Directorial projects include “3DTV” and “Magic Remote” promotional pieces for LG Electronics; the branded entertainment vision for Panasonic’s “Man from the Future” featuring the Lumix Camera: and the .

Fusing moviemaking and graphic novels through digital media the brothers are employing cross media methods to expand their narrative “story worlds”, including the projects, "Secret Broadcast" and "Tasty Bullet", which can be found at their digital comics hub, FUSE Comics.Com. Their new original graphic novel, "GirlFIEND", is out now from Dark Horse Comics.

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