We have embraced multimedia storytelling throughout our career, and with the advent of multi-platform content distribution we have created  number of  original transmedia experiences with our graphic novels, including our pirate radio tale, "Secret Broadcast", a digital comic and companion electronic music soundtrack that interweaves with the story. Also the manga inspired graphic novel, "Tasty Bullet", and its expanded online story world spanning several websites and multiple viral videos. Below are some examples of these two transmedia projects.

Secret Broadcast Redux

SECRET BROADCAST REDUX available on iTunes.

Tasty Bullet

Get the "Hacked" Tasty Bullet digital graphic novel at www.fusecomics.com

Watch the entire Tasty Bullet conspiracy Exposed web series at www.dontdrink.org.

Another Dangerous Kiss

Another Dangerous Kiss is an homage to 007 and Transmedia experience that involved the same actors in the film taking part in a live event. Watch the mini movie that explodes into action when our hero's getaway doesn't go as planned.